The Bellenae Mini

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The Bellenae Mini can be used in a variety of ways on one foot. This device can be used for abdominal crunches, v-sits, passé holding, ankle rehabilitation, arabesque balancing, and many more single foot exercises in fitness, sports, and dance. This is the perfect device to perfect your balance in a ballet exercise!

The Bellenae mini comes in 10" and 12" sizing. The 10" device is best used on a smaller foot, we recommend this device for use of younger and smaller bodies from ages 4-10. The 12" device is targeted for use of a larger foot. 


Find stability in your life with the all-new Bellenae Mini, this one of a kind balance board is designed to challenge athletes to the next level. Bellenae Mini helps you find your center, increases proprioception all while improving your foot, ankle, and core strength and stability all of which are believed to help reduce the risk of joint and muscle injury that athletes are susceptible to.

As with our entire collection, this board uses the most popular floor spring in the world. These medical-grade springs are encased by two 3/4" acrylic plastic boards, with a non-skid surface to ensure you are able to perform your exercises, without worry.