About us

Who Are We?

Bellenae is founded by FIVE sisters from Toronto, Canada! As athletic individuals, four of us danced our entire lives and one of us played soccer. We were always seeking ways to intensify our workouts which is why we created Bellenae. Not only does Bellenae create its own twist on your personal workout, but it is believed to train muscle memory in ways that can prevent lower body injuries. 

Our Purpose

We came up with our Bellenae Balancers to challenge those seeking an active lifestyle, as well as to help improve core strength and stability. Our main goal is to support anyone looking to improve their fitness techniques in a simple way. Bellenae instantly adds difficulty to any exercise simply using body weight and a balance component.

We encourage adding a Bellenae device to your workouts or fitness classes for the ultimate challenge and balance test.

The device will add the perfect challenge you were looking for in your workouts, to get results even faster.